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black glove

Status: in development

Development stage: Fundraising, Partnership meetings with aim of production in 2022


Black Glove is a Fashion Noir film set in the visually stunning tourism trail of a Ugandan Game Park. A couple and their best friend take a vacation over a long weekend commemorating Independence Day, October 9th. On their arrival, they meet a gorgeous stranger, and what starts out as a sultry flirtation becomes a murder investigation that reveals the cracks in the seemingly close friendship, what appeared to be a marriage of partners, as well as the regressive underbelly of cosmetic Feminism.


Something bad has happened at a Kampala hotel. A detective is called in to investigate. Everyone is telling their story; but can anyone be trusted?


KEYCARD (2021) is an engaging puzzle that begs you to watch it again.


June 2021


National Queer Theater, New York City

The festival produces international playwrights from around the world whose works are censored in their countries of origin.  Working with immigrant, Queer people of color and BIPOC artist. Plays this year were from Lebanon, Iraq and Mexico, attended by over 700 audiences. 

Plays: «when we write with ashes», by Victor I. Cazares Directed by Borna Barzin.

Layalina (staged reading), by Martin Yousif Zebari, Directed by Sivan Battat

This is not a memorized script, this is a well-rehearsed story, By Dima Matta, Directed by Em Weinstein



World Bank Group, Art Program

WE ARE AFRIKA (The Power of Women and Youth)



Centering women and youth in Africa, this digital space discusses and celebrates the work of artists, social change activists and entrepreneurs on the continent, showcasing how impactful youth and women are when included in decision making about development issues that affect us directly. Join these monthly conversations on Webex, to hear the impact in socioeconomic development through art. Conversations such as environmental citizenship, natural adaptation and resilience, the visual world of animism and ecology are directed to supporting a green recovery in Africa. Also in a world of gender disparity, women are on the fore, exploring gender norms and breaking barriers to equality through empowerment. 


April - July 2020

African Play Readers,


Designed to keep creatives engaged during these uncertain yet depressing Covid 19  times, the APR online zoom readings now provide a networking meeting for Writers, A global Community of Writers, Artists, Dramaturges, Theatre Directors, Literary enthusiasts and PanAfrican Thespians across Africa, USA and Europe. We're expanding reach & appreciation of stories by African Playwrights, reading relevant classics and new plays by famous and little known Playwrights from the continent.


Monday 6th -10th July 2020

DALLIANCES (an adaptation)

Screened at AIDS 2020 Global Village Virtual Showcase. At the prime of his youth, Matayo returns to conservative Uganda after 5 years libertarian living at college in New York. Initially developed as part of a multimedia series of the PoMDaP™ Experience, the work has now transitioned in to a two act theater play, that is also easily adaptable for radio, film and stage.


2017 - 2018

Served as Public Relations, Media and Marketing Manager, and supported the production of up to 5 plays in two years. I supported A Fest of 10 Minutes Plays from 48 Hours In... Harlem (2018), Just Me, You and THE SILENCE (2017), Blood and Holy Maria (at Theater in the Park, Harare-Zimbabwe 2017). Plays explored themes like women's issues, Racism and Religion, governance and democracy and human rights. I successfully increased online audience by 90%, assisted developing their annual director's program from national level to continental program. I also wrote/edited the media reading list and footnotes for the Director’s TED Talk.



Men of The Night/ELESmode Production  

Men of The Night

A human rights advocacy documentary derived at health rights advocacy, addressing discrimination against LGBTs and HIV prevalence among key vulnerable populations. I narrated and edited the trailer and interviewed subjects, members of Men of the Night organisation which advocates for the rights and visibility of Uganda's marginalized male sex workers, for the rest of the feature.


2014 - 2016 

Wizarts Media

Kampala, Uganda

Radio Arts Magazine profiling and interviewing visual and performing artists across East Africa. From dancers, actors, musicians, photographers, curators, fine artists, sculptures, producers and directors, the show dug deeper into the creative processes and the journey of artistry that each artists takes to create their work. The Bassline covered festivals, galas, shows and events, creating an annual arts calendar for arts enthusiasts in Uganda.


2015 - 2016 

Wizarts Media

Kampala, Uganda

A radio Arts Magazine hosting artists and musicians across Uganda, discussing literature and music and how the arts impact social change. The program was syndicated to over 40 radio stations across Uganda, and streamed online as a podcast.

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