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Managing Director, National Queer Theater, new York City.


Won UNDP's creative writing competition, #Reaching16

Released Keycard, a production which employed up to 100 filmmakers in Uganda 


A noir murder mystery fashion film, written by Douglas Dubois Sebamala, Directed by Angella Emurwon. Set in quintessential metropolitan Kampala, in the waterfall escarpments Mt. Elgon, Mbale and the magnificent crater regions of Lake Bunyonyi, in Uganda, the film is a statement and tribute to Uganda as The Pearl of Africa. It is our love letter to all Black people on the continent, as we use film to recreate the narrative about Africa, and challenge the single story perspective that depicts Africa as a land of war, hunger and disease.Co-Produced by Sebamala Arts and SOLOFX

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7_HILLS (pilot shot 2020)A Sebamala Arts & B.R Entertainment ProductionIn development for 2020 - 2022 (Kampala Ug) A poignant drama based on lived experiences of budding female artists in Uganda. Struggling to breakthrough a fickle industry, budding vocalist, Birungi, is thrown into a den of manipulative artist managers without her greatest confidant Jajja Naka (Sara Kisauzi). Facing one ruthless rival, Nana (Harmony K) the two female artists are torn apart by competition amid strained industry standards of sexualisation of women and patriarchy. 

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Synopsis: Something bad has happened at a Kampala hotel. A detective is called in to investigate. Everyone is telling their story; but can anyone be trusted?


KEYCARD (2021) is an engaging puzzle that begs you to watch it again.


February - November 2016

East African Visual Artists 

Life on The Streets

Scripted, Narrated and Edited this social change human rights documentary that advocates for health and gender rights of women within the marginalized key populations of female sex workers in Uganda. Nominated Best documentary, Uganda Film Festival (UFF) Awards 2017​, the story explores among many other challenges, HIV prevalence and access to health services. Screened AIDS 2016, Johannesburg, ZA.



Men of The Night/ELESmode Production  

Men of The Night

A human rights advocacy documentary derived at health rights advocacy, addressing discrimination against LGBTs and HIV prevalence among key vulnerable populations. I narrated and edited the trailer and interviewed subjects, members of Men of the Night organisation which advocates for the rights and visibility of Uganda's marginalized male sex workers, for the rest of the feature.